St. Louis – June 2017 | The Intensive



Note: This Event Is An Advanced Intensive!

What’s the difference? We’re glad you asked. The Advanced Intensive is for folks who have attended a prior Intensive (or CertLab) event and are looking to take the principles and strategies learned there to the next level. Plus, we’ll cover additional advanced topics on leadership, team building, marketing strategies, etc.

June 26-27, 2017
The Crossing

6000 West Geneva Drive 
St. Peters, MO 63376

Kelley Hartnett
Mark MacDonald
Gerry True
*Instructors subject to change without notice.

There are a variety of hotels in the St. Peters/O’ Fallon, MO area. We currently do not have any group rates reserved. Check back soon for updated lodging options.

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Advanced Intensive FAQs

Is previous attendance at an Intensive (or CertLab) a prerequisite?
Previous attendance is not required, but it’s highly recommended. We’re going to assume that you know the basics and that you’ve been exposed to the concepts we cover at the first-level Intensives. Having said that, if you lead a large team or have over a decade of experience in church communication, the Advanced Intensive might be right for you.

How is the pace of the Advanced Intensive compared to a regular Intensive?
Faster, more intense, and more overwhelming.

What are topics covered that aren’t covered at a regular Intensive?
The topics vary based on the survey feedback from the participants (we customize every Intenstive to make sure you’re learning what you need to learn), but in general, we do two things: take a few topics from the regular Intensives and go very deep with them, and introduce topics that are more leadership-oriented. For example, in the regular Intensives we discuss how to get a “seat at the table.” In the Advanced Intensive, we ask, “I’ve been given a seat at the leadership table, now what do I do with it?” Or, another example: at the regular Intensives we discuss input authority vs. decision authority. At the Advanced Intensive we discuss how to leverage decision authority to “turn the ship.”

I can’t decide if the Advanced Intensive is right for me. What should I do?
Contact us ( and we’ll help guide you.